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Once you rent your electric bike you can go wherever you want to, however, we can help map out a simple tour for you taking in the sites that you wish to see.

We have free maps that you can use to guide yourself around town and beyond.



Explore the natural beauty that surrounds the Town of Gananoque. The Gananoque Trail System is made up of a 12 km perimeter rides that may be divided into three returns to Trailhead loops. The Gananoque Trail has been constructed with the assistance of the Town of Gananoque Volunteer Trails Committee, and the financial and support of the Town of Gananoque, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, The Lions Club of Gananoque, The Kinsmen Club of Gananoque, and the kindness of the landowners who have allowed the trail to pass over their property.  Please ride responsibly and be courteous to other users of the trail system so that everyone can enjoy them equally.


Lions Loop

From the Trailhead at the Umbrella on King St., follow the blue hiker/arrows trail markers north up the old rail line, through the Collins and Aikman property, right to Queen St., to the Alberta St. intersection, turn left on Alberta St. to Stone St. lights. To return to the Trailhead, follow the orange diamond markers south on Queen St., left on Ann St. to the Stone St. west sidewalk to Kinsmen Park. Follow the path along the river bank, around Kinsmen Hall, then the brick path along the Gananoque River to Hudson Bridge. Cross bridge and follow path through the park property to the main trail at the old RR bridge. Get back to the Trailhead by the way of the Confederation Park brick path. This trail is bicycle and wheelchair accessible.

Rogers Loop

Continue following the blue hiker/arrows trail markers. Cross at the Stone St. lights to James Brennan Rd., and follow it east to the fire hydrant just before the gate to the public works yard. Follow across the field path to the Stocking Hill Creek bridge, and proceed on path through bush to cross the Herbert St. extension. Continue on path to the old race track behind the Gananoque Recreation Centre. Turn left and follow this and the path to the lights at King St. and Carmichael Rd. To return to the Trailhead, follow the orange diamond markers on King St. West to Talbot Place, then west on Garden St., which will take you to the Town Hall Park and the Trailhead at the Chamber of Commerce Information Office.

River Loop

Go south from the King St. lights to the end of Carmichael St. You are now entering private property; remain on the identified trail, particularly through the White pine plantation, watching closely for the trail markers, as there are a number of intersecting paths. After crossing the boardwalk, turn right and follow Conner Dr. a short distance to MacDonald Dr., left to Elmwood Dr. to the street end and follow the trail through Grasshopper Park to the end of Arthur St. The remainder of the trail is on Town streets. Arthur to William, to South, to Stone, to Water, cross the Swing bridge to Joel Stone Park. Pass in front of the water works to St. Lawrence to Market to Clarence and the Town Marina. Follow the river front to the gazebo, then along Bay St. to King St. Turn right back to the Trailhead.

Thousand Island Parkway





Cycling along the Thousand Islands National Park makes for an enjoyable day in the very scenic Thousand Islands.


From the eastern outskirts of the Town of Gananoque to just west of Brockville is just under 40 km (24.85 miles) one way. This lovely trail is multi use and is paved.


There are many areas along the way that offer great views which have made the Thousand Islands a world class tourist destination. There are a number of lookout points, some small towns, a public beach, historical sites and plaques, campgrounds, motels and resorts, and a couple of places to purchase snacks, meals, and something cold to drink.


The path runs along the north side of the Thousand Islands Parkway, a two lane highway which follows the St. Lawrence River. Access to the Parkway is well indicated on Highway 401. If you are renting one of i-Cycle Electric bikes you may park your car in our parking lot situated at Main and King Streets in Gananoque. We are the electric green kiosk.

The terrain in the area is relatively flat, the trail itself does have a number of long slopes, this will be of no issue to you as you have the ability to use peddle assist or you can let the throttle do all the work!  At a leisurely pace, it should be possible for many people to cycle the length of the path (in one direction) in 2 to 3 hours.

Planning your ride

How far you go on the path is really up to you. You would cover more than 75 kilometres if you were to ride all the way to the end and return to your car.


For a shorter ride you could cycle to the small town of Rockport at the half way point, and then turn around.  It is located on a crescent on the south side of the parkway. Rockport is a popular tourist stop because it is home to one of the area’s big tour boat operations which brings people out for a two to three hours cruise in the Thousand Islands. The village itself is very small, but does have a restaurant, a store, a few fast food stands and restaurants, a hotel, and even a little church. Rockport is roughly at the half way point for anyone riding the entire length of the path, so it is a convenient place to stop, if only to check out the goings-on, to grab a bite to eat, or buy some bottled water or other cold drinks.



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